Honor 6x EMUI 5.0 Nougat Review

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    Sibananda Sahu

    Honor 6x Nougat update has arrived in India via EMUI 5.0. Recently I have got the EMUI 5.0 Android Nougat update for my Honor 6x. The update was big in sie, but thanks to Reliance Jio for such a huge data limit which eventually helped me download the file and update it on my Honor 6x.

    Honor 6x EMUI 5.0 Nougat Review

    Updates on EMUI 5.0 Nougat for Honor 6x:

    1. Brand new notification on EMUI 5.0 Nougat update:

      • The timeline notification is gone from the EMUI 4.1 along with individual notification and quick action window. Now there is only one notification window which accommodates the quick action tiles and the notifications.
      • You can expand the notification to read a bigger chink of the message there in the notification window itself.
      • Use the same notification to Reply a message, or comment a Google plus or Facebook message etc. No need to open the app and then reply back.
    2. EMUI 5.0 Nougat update brought App twin:

      • Use the same App to access multiple users on the same phone.
      • For example WhatsApp. In case of a dual SIM phone you will not be able to use both the numbers on a single WhatsApp. But with Twin App, you can have two WhatsApp configured on the same phone.
      • See the video for more information on how the Twin App works on EMUI 5.0.
    3. EMUI 5.0 brings the App Drawer on the Honor 6x:

      • Unlike the other stock Android launchers the App Drawer was not there in EMUI 4.1. So if you install an application it used to be there on one of the homescreen only.
      • ON the EMUI 5.0 Nougat update, you can have an App Drawer just like a stock Android does.
      • The App Drawer can be enabled from Settings > Home Screen Style

      Much Improved multi window on Android Nougat EMUI 5.0 update:

      • Earlier in EMUI 4.1 there were only specific set of applications which could be used in a multi window, such as: video app, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and few others. Google Chrome and many other applications were not compatible.
      • ON this EMUI 5.0 Android Nougat update you have the complete freedom to add any application to any of the window. As far as I have checked, almost all of the applications are opening despite giving warning, that the application may not run properly.

    Android Nougat on Honor 6x has come via Huawei’s in-house custom Android EMUI 5.0. Of course there are more updates on the EMUI 5.0 than the above. I have just placed some of the key features on the latest Android Nougat on Honor 6x.

    The EMUI 5.0 Nougat update for Honor 6x was of 2.46 GB, which is huge in size. It almost asked me to free double the storage space, meaning approximately 5 GB of space from my Honor 6x phone. Finally such a huge update is completely worth.

    Finally let me know if you have got the Nougat update for your Honor 6x or not. Do login to place a comment or reply on what you feel about the Nougat update and the EMUI 5.0.

    Here is the video of the Android Nougat review on Honor 6x on our YouTube channel:


    Stay tuned or Subscribe to the Honor 6x forum For further feature updates, Tips and Tricks, troubleshooting guides etc.


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